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Don't cook, Just Eat your way to glory

Presenting the Valedictorian of Hunger

Congratulations to our JUST Campus Chompion Steven Dorgo aka The Clutch for packing back an impressive 18 slices of pizza in 3 minutes!

Check out the delicious proof below.

The Contest


call for entries

Tell us why you should be the JUST EAT Campus Chompion. The hungry contestant with the most votes from each of the 25 campuses will go on to represent their school as a semi-finalist.


video showdown

Open your yap and tell us why you're hungry to win. The top-voted semi-finalists from each university will create a video to woo Kobayashi (and the less important other judges). The top 5 scoring semi-finalist videos will go on to battle stomach to stomach in the final round: the Chompionship round.


om nom nom

The top 5 finalists will go on to the Chompionship round. We'll fly each finalist and a buddy to Toronto, where they'll eat enough to make an Italian grandmother, and Kobayashi, proud.

They don't eat to live, they live to eat. Collectively, they order in over 1270 pounds of food each week. Their kitchens are untouched shrines to the food gods - and they know hungry when they see it.

The Mozz

Tomato Crusher

He's Mister Mozzarella, but you can call him ‘The Mozz.' He's the best takeaway chef in the world and The Trojan War is said to have been sparked over love for his Ragu recipe. Always up for fierce competition, The Mozz has postponed his fall vacation to visit his Mama in Sicily, just so he can witness the first ever JUST EAT Campus Chompion squash the competition like a ripe tomato.

Meghan B


Meghan ate her first salad at the tender age of 18, and in a fit of vinaigrette-induced delusion made the bold decision to be a vegetarian. After 8 years on the leaf, she was seduced back to sanity by that sexy bitch known as bacon. She'll try any dish once, and has just five words for the wise: Bacon is a gateway meat.


Don't tell him what he can and can't do, because this rebel won't listen. He's the heart, soul and digestive tract of steel of the glamorous world of competitive eating. Many have been fooled by his svelte frame and good looks, only to be eaten under the table by a man whose hunger has no end.

Heather S

Sunnyside Up

Heather became JUST EAT's best customer when she turned to online food delivery after her oven window exploded while trying to heat up a pizza. It was clear that the kitchen was not a place for her and she has never looked back. Her most brag-worthy eat-feat was an impressive 10 chicken wings in under 2.5 minutes.

Luke S

The Intestinator

Luke was born into a life of food - his mother went into labour whilst queuing for shawarma. Since then, he has feasted at every available opportunity. Often compared to a porcine during eating, we think pelican is a better comparison as pigs actually chew their food before swallowing. Luke's chomping statement? Burgers are like boobs; one's not enough, three's too many.